Welcome to the Brovey Mapping Services web page

Brovey Mapping Services comprises professional, experienced field staff with backgrounds in exploration, Geological Survey and University.

We undertake field data acquiston using GPS-enabled hand held computers equipped with mobile GIS.  This enables rapid acquisition of data in digital form, GPS accuracy for line and point data, and seamless integration of data into the desktop environment.

Map preparation is achieved using desktop GIS, enabling immediate availability of digital data to the client at any stage of the project.

Brovey provides tenement and prospect mapping from outcrop scale upward.
We have extensive experience in lithological, alteration and structural mapping in a diverse range of geological settings.

Brovey provides complete, expert and widely experienced petrographic services.

All map preparation is undertaken in GIS with delivery to the client in ArcGIS or Mapinfo formats. Digital data is supplied at acquisition scale and at the requested  map scale.

We are highly experienced in the integrated use and interpretation of geophysical, hypospectral, satellite and aerial photographic imagery.

Phone: (02) 6775 2469
Mobile:  04676 05071
Email: brownre52@gmail.com


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