Brovey Mapping Sevices provides a range of professional services tailored individually to the requirements of each client.  These include:

  • Tenement and prospect mapping from outcrop scale upward. We are experienced in lithological, alteration and structural mapping.
  • Full petrographic services.
  • Map preparation in GIS with supply in ArcGIS or Mapinfo formats.  Digital data provided at acquisition scale and final map scale.
  • Geophysical, hypospectral, satellite and aerial photographic imagery interpretation.
  • Core logging
  • 3D geological and mineralisation modelling
  • Comprehensive report preparation.

Our Speciality

We map directly on to hand held computers, using mobile GIS with GPS accuracy.  This overcomes problems related to distortion of airphotos or base maps.  It also removes the redrafting of hand-drawn linework, resulting in greatly improved efficiency, immediately available up-to-date GIS  data, and significant savings to our clients.

Fee Structure

Please contact us to discuss our very affordable fees for service.



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